Saturday, March 7, 2009


"In this thoughful and erudite book, Mark Martinez forces us to re-examine the myth of the 'natural' free market order. Using very intelligently a wide range of fascinating historical and contemproary examples, he takes us through many important economic, political, and philosophical reflections about the true nature of the market system and its important but limited role in the construction of a civilized society."

"A fast-moving primer bursting with relevant examples, The Myth of the Free Market is---to put it mildly---eye-opening. Mark Martinez's insight could not have arrived at a more important time. Compelling from cover to cover."

-- BILL HARNSBERGERDaily Kos,  Featured Writer (Bill in Portland Maine). 

"Explains the role of political processes in creating and supporting capitalist markets."


"An artfully assembled series of essays on political history, economic philosophy, and social behavioral responses to US and world events in modern times. Martinez presents all this in a clear and readable style ... Timely and well researched, this work should be recommended reading for any candidate for elected office in the US."

-- JUAN M. RIVERA, University of Notre Dame, Professor of Accounting and Faculty Fellow, Kellogg Institute for International Studies, and co-editor of NAFTA and the Campesinos: The Impact of NAFTA on Small-Scale Agricultural Producers in Mexico and the Prospects for Change.

"In the midst of one of America's deepest economic recessions, Martinez offers, a timely, insightful, if not controversial work reexamining the centuries-old conundrum of the proper balance between free market capitalism and role of government in our market economy ..."

-- HENRY LOWENSTEIN, Dean and Professor of Management, E. Craig Wall Sr. College of Business Administration, Coastal Carolina University

"Is a completely free market truly the best way to do things? The Myth of the Free Market: The Role of the State in a Capitalist Economy is a scholarly economic guide exploring how the concept of the free market is flawed, as evidenced by the emergence of the current economic crisis and the slew of bailouts that have come with it. Taking examples from history, The Myth of the Free Market explains the issue and shows why the free market is best enhanced with principles from other systems."

“Martinez provides a much-needed and welcome antidote to the free market mania that has dominated policy-making circles over the last thirty years ... Government’s powerful protection of markets is discussed in broad historical terms, with specific case studies, and thought-provoking analysis that connects perfectly with the current realities of our troubled economy and financial markets.”

-- PETER H. LOEDEL, Professor and Chair, Department of Political Science, West Chester University

“Ronald Reagan told us that “government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem”. This statement helped convince an entire generation that government does little more than hinder economic growth and the well-being of society. Professor Martinez – via lucid writing and a wealth of historical evidence – clearly demonstrates that relying on private market players alone to protect the integrity of markets will not produce the outcomes society desires. Recent events confirm this hypothesis. Read this book and see why Ronald Reagan was wrong and how government not only organizes markets but can indeed be a solution to our problems."

"A thoughtful, timely, and fascinating read for anyone interested in a deeper understanding of the development of states and markets. Martinez's book provides a rich array of cases and a compelling argument for the central role of the state, and politics, in the development of markets--something to ponder in our current economic crisis.”

-- LIA ROBERTS, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Mount St. Mary's College