Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The Myth of the Free Market by Mark A. Martinez is exceptionally well researched and written. It reads more like a text book than a casual reader and, as such, should be required reading for every senior high school student in America. It thoroughly demolishes the concept that free markets exist on anything larger than a local scale and cogently explains why free markets on a larger scale are probably not possible. Beyond high school, it should be taught in every MBA and graduate economics program so that those who manage the financial empire actually have some relevant information about how things really work and are better able to cope with day to day reality. It is high time that delusional thinking stop being the core operating mode in both the private and public policy sectors of our economic world.

John Hemington,
McMurray, PA
Posted on Amazon.com / Dec. 7, 2009


  1. The free market (Laissez-faire Capitalism) did not cause this crisis, the government (CRONY Capitalism/Socialism/Communism) did.

    The free market did not create Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae and Sallie Mae, the government did.

    The free market did not pass laws that force banks to lend to those who do not qualify for a loan, the government did.

    The free market did not take us off the gold standard, the government did.

    The free market did not dump trillions of dollars of cheap money into the system causing the largest asset bubble in history, the government did.

    The free market did not create multiple multi-trillion-dollar unfunded entitlement programs, the government did.

  2. The free market did not write a 60,000+ page tax code that punishes work, rewards sloth and buys the votes of special interest groups, the government did.

    The free market did not destroy our public school system and graduate (or fail to graduate) generations of civically and financially illiterate citizens, the government did.

    The free market did not drive our jobs overseas and kill our entrepreneurial spirit with over-taxation, over-regulation and frivolous lawsuits, the government did.

    The free market did not ban drilling for oil, vilify coal and block the building of nuclear power plants in the United States, thereby transferring hundred of billions of dollars of American wealth and many thousands of energy-industry jobs to foreign countries, the government did.

    This crisis is the result of a giant social engineering experiment and vote-buying scheme gone tragically wrong.

    The free market does not try to engineer society or buy votes, the government does.

    The government caused this crisis, the free market did not.

    The government cannot fix the crisis, the free market can.